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I give you simple, actionable tools for resolving conflict and building healthy relationships with yourself and others at work, home and elsewhere.



Seasons of transition, conflict, and challenge leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, confused, and afraid. You, your team or your organization cannot optimally perform without a healthy wellbeing. Individuals who are in conflict with themselves or others carry that into relationships at home, work, and school, and this leads to more tension, less productivity, and poor performance. I have been there, and I want you to know there is a healthy wellbeing waiting for you — and you don’t have to struggle to get there or do it alone.

Whether living in conflict or facing a life transition or challenge, Susan can lead you, your employees or teammates to make informed decisions, learn healthy coping mechanisms, become self aware and self regulating, and live in a place of emotional health. I combine my legal and human resources experience, personal struggles, parenting, and my certifications as a mediator, Certified Divorce Coach and in The Adult Chair®to be the strength and guide as you navigate life’s challenges, transitions, and conflict.

I will help you to make healthy choices, identify and change unhealthy coping mechanisms, drop your emotional baggage, stop living from your wounding and in conflict, love yourself so you can be your most authentic self, and get answers to your struggles and solutions to your challenges.


What I Do

I bring a mix of legal knowledge, personal life experience, coaching, and tenacity to help you find your healthiest path forward. Wherever you find yourself, I walk alongside you and offer a place of support and direction during the ups and downs of parenting, marriage, divorce, career, or school.

Divorce Coaching

Navigate the complex legal system and emotions of divorce


Resolve conflict without destroying relationships

Adult Chair® Coaching

Have a healthy wellbeing, and become self-aware and self-regulating.

Speaking + Workshops

Build healthier, happier teams


Divorce Experience

Forward Together Coaching & Mediation can help you (or you and your co-parent) navigate the complicated process of divorce (and post divorce) differently. Whether self-represented or working with an attorney, Forward Together Coaching can provide support and guidance to help you manage expectations, make rational decisions, prepare you for each step forward, and most importantly, conserve financial resources by making you an efficient client.  Divorce and post-divorce issues do not have to be resolved in expensive, combative or disorganized way.


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