MEET Susan

Susan grew up in a small Northeast town, and graduated with honors from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and cum laude from the Robert H. McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis. She was a paralegal and Investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before and during law school. Susan went on to practice in a prestigious multi-national law firm, where she honed her skills in labor and employment issues, including litigation and training. After working for two large corporations as in-house counsel, she paused her working days to focus on her family while also going through a contentious divorce and multiple custody disputes. Susan later remarried and relocated to the mid-south. Once her children (and two dogs) were older, Susan’s love of the law, as well as her passion to help others avoid costly court battles, lead her back into the working world.

During her divorce — despite being an attorney and familiar with the legal system — Susan found the process to be frustrating, lonely, and painful. The “justice system” did not seem to exist, and the number of delays, evaluations, and other requirements were agonizing. Now years later, and itching to return to the workplace, Susan realized she could use her education, professional practice, and her personal experience to help others in the midst of conflict or litigation. When not working, Susan enjoys baking, spending time with her family and dogs, and being outdoors, especially at the beach.

What’s different about Susan?

Susan is passionate about helping individuals avoid costly, competitive, and adversarial litigation and conflict. She wants to spare others the emotional and financial overwhelm in their quest for “emotional justice,” which is impossible to achieve in court.

Together with her legal expertise, mediation and divorce coaching certifications, and training in The Adult Chair model, as well as her gregarious and formidable personality, Susan has a unique perspective to offer encouragement, life skills, and resolution. The same tenacity Susan brought to the courtroom, combined with the warmth and empathy she feels for those in conflict has culminated in a coaching and mediation practice that offers hope in closure. Selecting the right mediator, divorce coach or life coach is an important decision. Unless requested, Susan conducts her coaching remotely through a secure on-line platform, requiring only an email and internet address, throughout the US and Internationally. See why Susan stands out among the others:

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See Susan’s note and video below, for those individuals struggling with divorce issues.

A note from Susan

To Divorcees and Parents:

I understand what you may be feeling. You are angry, upset and unsure about the future. Life was not supposed to look like this! This was not in your plan.

I beg you, though, please do not go into “street fighter mode” and look to “scorch the earth” at all costs. The truth is, despite your quest, the legal system will not provide “emotional justice.” The court will not find a “right side” in your divorce or lessen your pain. The court is simply there to make a decision final. The legal process is just a process. Contrary to popular belief, judges do not like to hear details or minutia and they can, as they are humans, have biases. Lawyers do not always act like ethical officers of the court, either. In light of this, do not let anger seep into every cell of your body; it will eventually destroy you and all those that you love.

It is so difficult and I am sorry you are going through this. I was there, and it is not pleasant. The fact is, your partner will, in some ways, always be a part of your life – they do not evaporate and disappear forever. This is especially true if you have children together. As a teacher of mine quoted her father, “you can not be the architect of the irrevocable past.” Remember this. You can not rewrite the past, but you can control and write the next chapter.

Divorce is a new beginning and a new start, and with it, all involved can gain new skills. Keep this in mind as you take these next steps. While it is especially scary as parents, the perspective you show will have a great impression upon your children. Children love both parents; they need both parents. Your children are gifts, and should be celebrated and loved; don’t use them as pawns to obtain retribution on your former partner. Don’t be destructive to yourself or your children by attempting to inflict pain on your former partner. It always – always – comes back on you.

As such, I implore you to take a different approach. While you can not see it now, it is possible to co-exist with your former partner. Be flexible. Be understanding. Be realistic!! Include the other parent. Make compromises – life is always a compromise, and co-parenting should be no different. If I could scream this from the top of the mountains, I would do so at every mountaintop. I want to show you and let you hear from those who have done it! While it is hard at first, it can be done – and the kids thrive! I want to help you and your partner come to agreement, and I will walk with you every step of the way. I will be there to work through parenting time plans, vacations and holidays. I will help with your fear, which drives most of the bottlenecks.

Trust me, parents, you do not want to keep the battle going for years on end. You can save money by coming to an agreement without having to hire an attorney and prepare motions for the court. You can save time by solving the conflict yourselves – as parents, you are the best decision makers for your children. Together, we can create a realistic solution. You also won’t have to wait for a court date or argue your personal information in open court, keeping your issues private.

Take the first step and let’s talk. Divorce differently. Co-parent differently. Spare the kids.