Adult Chair® Coaching

Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy life, but too many of us aren’t given the guidance we need to learn how to be grounded, balanced and authentic adults. Whether you are struggling with relationships, communication, self-worth/self-esteem, your life’s purpose, or life transitions like school and career challenges, you deserve to have a healthy model for living and a coach who is in your corner, always ready to listen and give you actionable steps to create your best life.

The Adult Chair® model is a manual for life and a tool that helps you feel empowered, confident, and equipped with a clear roadmap to your healthiest, most authentic self. It is a simple, practical model that helps you understand how your life experiences have shaped you, build self-worth, find emotional balance, and improve relationships.

As an Adult Chair® Certified Coach, I teach and help you apply this model so you can navigate whatever challenges you are facing and master the life skills you need to move forward into a better future. I will help you understand how your life experiences have shaped you, build self-worth, find emotional balance, improve relationships, reduce stress and build a confident, authentic self.

What to Expect

During your first session, I will get to know you, your background, your family history and your life experiences, as well as what you want to work on this (this session is 90 minutes long, since we have a lot of ground to cover). From there, I will create a tailored plan of growth for you that we will work on together in all future sessions.

Sessions will include a combination of coaching and experiential exercises using multiple coaching techniques such as parts work, inner child work, grounding, meditation and others that are designed for fast transformation.

I promise to always meet you with no judgment adn to be your strength and guide, cheering you on as you master the life skills you need to be the most authentic you.

55-minute coaching session: $175/hour

Can be held online or in-person

*Your first session will be $225/hour and last for 90 minutes.

Who Is Adult Chair® Coaching For?

The Adult Chair® is for anyone who wants more out of life. This might mean needing help navigating a transition, wanting to understand how your life experiences have shaped you so you can heal wounding and become the best version of yourself, or seeking a strength and guide to help with challenging emotional seasons like adolescence or divorce. Wherever you find yourself, The Adult Chair® will give you simple, actionable tools and a roadmap for greater emotional balance, peace, and freedom in life.

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Co-parents
  • Teenagers navigating adolescence
  • Family systems breaking dysfunctional cycles and becoming healthier