Divorce Coaching

Where are you in this journey?

Marriage struggles, the divorce process, and post-divorce life is often a lonely and confusing place, filled with overwhelm and shame. It is strange and unfamiliar, and presents multiple areas of change and transition, oftentimes leading to a costly, adversarial court battle.

But, there is hope.




Unless requested, all sessions are virtual (no software needed; just an email and internet access), throughout the United States and Internationally.


Divorce is a life-alterting decision, and one you shouldn’t make alone. Many areas of your life will change in divorce: relationships with family and friends, community engagement, housing, finances, your “identity” and healthcare. There is also an intensity of emotions, ranging from denial and resistance, to anger, numbness, isolation, shame, retribution and more.

As your divorce coach, Susan will help you during this life crisis. Making decisions at a time when you are emotionally swamped is overwhelming. Susan can help you understand the options available to you should you decide to divorce, including pro-se (do-it-yourself divorce), mediation, collaborative divorce or litigation.

Many people seek out attorneys and therapists as they figure out if divorce is the best solution. However, lawyers provide legal advice and move individuals through the legal process. Therapists, while trained to sort out causes of the emotional struggle, do not have the specific training of a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC).

Susan will help you with emotions, communication and organization. As a client, you get to choose the areas and issues with which you need help.

As a CDC and with no judgment, Susan will:

  • Educate you about options for divorce and the pitfalls of decision-making

  • Help you understand and navigate the legal process

  • Explore options for the marriage, whether to work on the marriage, separate or divorce

  • Provide important resources and reading materials

  • Assess counseling needs, if applicable, for spouses and children

  • Prepare you for the journey of divorce, if that is the decision

  • Assist you in assembling the best divorce “team”, if necessary

  • Help you manage your emotions

Start Your Pre-Divorce Journey with Susan


Are you currently in the middle of the divorce process, and feeling stressed, panicked and lonely? If so, you are not alone. It’s not uncommon to feel lost in the wilderness of the legal process while dealing with the intensity of emotions that divorce brings.

You are also expected to parent, manage relationships with friends and family, and maintain productivity at work when in reality, you are simply struggling to survive. You may not even realize that you are exhausting your family, friends and co-workers with your divorce story or the hypersensitivity it raises.

Many people have a difficult time understanding the gravity of the divorce process and the terms involved in the legal proceedings. And, most people, even your closest friends, do not wish to learn about it or experience it through your grief and trauma.

Susan can help you develop clarity, confidence and courage during divorce. She can help you overcome the circumstances of being locked in survival mode or mortal combat with your spouse, and assist with seeing how divorce can be a new beginning.

Susan will:

  • Provide valuable communication assessments to help you effectively communicate with spouses and lawyers

  • Organize and gather documents

  • Be your thinking partner and sounding board, as we rationally think through decisions that can have life-altering impact

  • Identify and screen professionals and expert resources eliminating the stress and work that choosing the right professional partners can bring, especially starting over with new relationships

  • Work with you to understand the cycle of grief

  • Be your champion. Susan will be in your corner, start to finish, celebrating big and small wins, and most importantly, helping you gain clarity, confidence and courage

  • Prepare you to be a better client for your attorney, resulting in efficiency of legal fees and saving you money

  • Encourage you and coach you to view the big changes in your life as a “new journey”

  • Help you maintain relationships with children and family

  • Attend meetings and other commitments with you, if requested

Work With Susan to Transform Your Divorce Experience


Whether the ink is barely dry on a newly-filed divorce decree or if your marriage ended years ago, divorce can still affect your every day life. For many people, moving on from divorce is not easy. While you cannot rewrite history, you can write your own new story. Divorce does not define you.

If you’re a parent, many post divorce child-involved conflicts are brought to the courts, but at a significant cost, with significant emotional toll. Court can be expensive and time consuming, diminishing your energy and productivity. It can also cause futher damage to your co-parenting relationship. Instead of resolving conflict, court actions can often times be conflict generators.

Susan will work with you to:

  • Set boundaries with your ex-spouse

  • Solve issues involving communication and parenting time

  • Understand the cycle of grief

  • Develop successful parenting partnerships, including working with your co-parent

  • Set short-term and long term goals with a plan to reach them

  • Begin new routines after divorce and establish a vision for the future

Start Your Post-Divorce Journey with Susan