Life Coaching

Inspired by her own life experiences, Susan committed to her own self-improvement through various methods, including The Adult Chair ® (TAC).  Realizing she can be a change-maker of her past, and to help others do the same or in the midst of transition, Susan was accepted into the inaugural TAC Coaches Certification Class. Developed by Michelle Chalfant, TAC leads individuals to heal and transform by growing self-worth using simple psychology and grounded spirituality.  Packed with various tools to help individuals both during and outside of sessions, TAC can be used for a variety of issues, including anxiety, life or career blocks, or relational issues, including triggers and boundaries. When you live life in your adult chair, many issues fade.

During her coach-in-training period, Susan will begin taking older teenagers and adults for life coaching specializing in the Adult Chair model, for a reduced rate.

To make an appointment, please fill out the form and Susan will get back to you to schedule.

Unless requested, all sessions are virtual (no software needed; just an email and internet access), throughout the United States and Internationally.