If you find yourself experiencing irreconcilable conflict with your partner, ex or someone you love, it’s not only stressful — it can be expensive. When disputes move into litigation or require you to go to court, the fees can be enormous and add stress to an already exhausting and painful process.

In court, you also lose control of the outcome and how the situation is resolved; your future is left entirely up to a judge.

There’s a better way.

Through meditation, you can avoid litigation and instead work collaboratively to resolve problems and find solutions that work for everyone. Not only are you more likely to experience a win/win outcome, but you’re also more likely to salvage relationships and avoid the drama and pain that comes with fighting someone you care about in court.

What to Expect

As a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Mediator, Civil, and Family Law, I will work with you and your partner, ex, family member, or whoever you are seeking resolution with to find practical and tangible solutions that result in positive outcomes for both parties. I will lead a productive discussion, explore options, help manage emotions, and seek the good of all involved.

Mediation session:

Three-hour minimum
Can be held online or in-person

Rule 38 (reduced-fee mediation) if approved and ordered by the court. Available to Tennessee residents only.

Who Is Mediation For?

  • Litigants in Tennessee General, Civil, and Family Law
  • Tennessee co-parents wishing to avoid court over post-dispute matters
  • Tennessee couples looking to divorce
  • Tennessee families facing disputes over property