As an attorney, Susan represented clients in labor and employment and other civil cases. During her divorce, Susan was one of the litigants. Through those experiences, Susan knew the vitally important role a mediator can have. An effective mediator can make the world of difference in reaching a resolution; an ineffective mediator can make the parties angry and frustrated, leaving them further apart. Susan is passionate about thinking outside the box, walking a path to explore various solutions and realistic resolutions.

In Tennessee, many civil courts require mediation prior to even setting a court date. Whether a general civil or family law issue, Susan is available to mediate under Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31. Unlike litigation, where the judge decides, the outcome in mediation is driven by the litigants. It provides the opportunity to be creative while addressing important, but often times, non-legal issues, and focusing on solutions that fit specific needs and circumstances. Most importantly, mediation avoids the competitive and adversarial court process, and conserves financial resources.

Divorce mediation is a safe and constructive process for a couple to become “unmarried.” Mediated divorces significantly reduce the costs of divorce, both financially and emotionally. Mediated agreements also tend to be more satisfying than imposed court orders, because they are created by the parties, and because they focus on the present and future.

Susan is available for half or whole-day mediations throughout Tennessee. Susan can travel in person or utilize an on-line platform, specifically built for mediation, which requires only an internet connection and email.

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